Gabriel Asomugha
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Gabriel Asomugha!!



Gabriel T. Asomugha hails from Nnewi.  Anambra state – Nigeria. A prolific writer, he won the best Poem Writer Award of the University of Calabar Echo Press and Literary Creativity Award of Nnewi North and South Students’ Association. Gabriel Asomugha is a celebrated Novelist, poet and playwright His published works include “Negleted Power Source”, The Seven Brothers” and the widely read “Unforseen Danger”. At present, he is undergoing further studies in English and Literary Studies at University of Calabar.




The country of suppose good made.

Smiles badly at its citizens,


The country blessed with many.

Ashamedly wants aid.


The country bred with truth and sincerity,

Gets its way to rooted corruption.


The country rich with material,

Struggles merely for survival.


The country I know as much blessed.

But ask the teeming leaders.


The country known, chiefly corrupt

If not for its coming from source.


True, if the air is fouled by a man atop palm tree,

Flies can’t help being confused.


The country registers in debt.

When many habour it, hidden.


The country stands good renovation

If bad leaders pave for it .


The country, hay worth.

Citizens bound in penury.


The country named far and wide,

Oh!  The insider’s dirt.


The country fore seen great,

Killed only but at germination.


The country failed woefully

Bad leaders mastermind it.


The country, problems allured,

Just owned for bad pace setters


Better then is an unknown states man,

Than having and being bad, a leader.




TIME TICKLES [To B.C. Obinwune]


Human essence sprouts from

Reflection and understanding

Formed from morals knitted together.

Un-forgettable that iron sharpens iron.

Regarding David Hume who woke Immanuel Kant,

As admitted, from his dogmatic slumber.


Life itself had continued to be a perpetual flux

Chary-minded being who on adventure bound

Where for good, mishap surfaced,

Violently claiming his self mover

But too stubborn to succumb,

Crawling, hinged he to a tree.


Stained look, brightened at a sight

A poor lad drinking and drowning,

This man, physically bankrupt, mentally rise.

Swift swing, got a rope across

And bound in tree saved lad.

Fresh upstairs, doubled this fact of discovery

Sweet smiles consoled my troubled mind.

Circumstances that followed the accident, I know.

Or is it not war of opposites-fire and cold.

Alas! I know incidents less bloody, yet fatal

Sure, souls forgot bodies that day.

The unmoved mover knew this.


Because you owe the society

Oh! The curious mind anxious, tax?

No, you, a rare material has knowledge.

Asset meant for all and a great lot.

An envisage spell bounded my composure.

The future of many, I saw in your able hands.

Ask not why comrade,

Nothing saw your right mover

The great instrument of change

Laughter warns off my head

When I have you fear fate

When nothing happened

Life is wealth


Nobody destroys the work of his hands

A being that cost much to make

That it happened, I know to resume effective change

Fear not, it’s never time until it is.







Feather free tree of austerity

Of presumable greatness and vigour

The hard-to-quench smiling beast.

Thorough and unabbreviated king.

Dinky head of the equals

Pregnant with turgidity,

Tides and time, comes and goes.

Good and bad seasons as well.

The famous fatty fanny less forest king.

The un-plantable monster!

The lizard! Oh! The lizard.

A feat of repute

Fame reckoning creature

But bounced, it is.

The uncompromising Iroko.

Stand and mount.

Big and strong

Powerful grandmaster.

Unyielding to the blast of terror.

Never can brook competence.

Hail! Oh! King.

Whose dangle makes man cold.

The branches spread wide apart, smiling.

 In a jubilant cry.






Till its coming, darkness,

Had forever tormented

Making life in-totality boring

The birds of the sky wept.

The cries of our children, unending.


The bats laughed

The trees frowned

The paths died

The fields moaned

And the play grounds, lonely.


Unexpectantly, it appeared ever bright

Reaching forth unto the ends of the world

Its hands quite spread

As caring as a mother.

Providing for its children.


My joy was only then made

Our children are out on it.

Jubilant sounds came from expectants

Each, dragging self with joy.

The moon has come to reactivate the aging body.


The trees rejoiced, houses shone

Streets happy

But hoodlums sad

No longer can they operate

Because darkness sustaineth evil.

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