Osita Nwosu

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Here is Osita's Nwosu Poems!!


Where were you
Ngene and Idemili
Ogwugwu and Amadioha
When the Pentecostals
Jarred my eardrums
With exploits of Pentecost.

Where were you
Omaliko and Nyaaba
Udo and Idoto
When the Scheming
Charismatic anointed
Me with charism
From on High.

Where were you
Njaba and Mamu
Imo and Omambala
When I received my
Baptism from the waters
Flowing from His side.

Where were you
Ngwu, Ani and Ududo Nka
When I was transfigured
With the Messiah
Moses and Elijah

Where were you
Deities and sacred
Rivulets of our land
When the upstarts
Seduced me with their Christ
Oh where were you? 


Mini skirt, mini skirt
How I groan for what thou art
Up above the knee so high
Like an eyesore to the eye.

Mini skirt, mini skirt
Fashion thou has torn apart
Down below the waist so near
Showing dross and smut with tear.

Mini skirt, mini skirt
Thou the dames dare to sport
Following fashion like the ass
And showing all around the arse

Mini skirt, mini skirt
Craze for bum and belle and tart
Source of laughter, mirth and cheers
After which, the tears and jeers. 


The long serpentine
Queues of cars
Seemed to stretch
To infinity
Benz,Be my wife, Peugeot and Jeeps
Volvo, Voxwagen and "Japanese"
All line the route
Waiting for Godot.

Car owners with furrowed
Faces evidence of gloom
From our oil doom
With bowed heads
Stragger and gaze at
Nothing in despair

Meanwhile, street urchins
Armed with jerry cans
Dart to and fro
Dispensing the Elixir
That is scarce
In filling stations

Those who have cars
Have no fuel
And those who have fuel
Have no cars
Different strokes
For different folks.

Speck of Gem in mass of slag
Extracted thru "faith and perseverance
Prize of heart that could not flag
Worthy of eternal remembrance

Strong my strive to shun the flickers
The flash that precedes darkness
Rays that leaves the beholder bewildered
Or tantalised and confounded.

Harbinger of joy and source of light
Radiance of bliss from head to sole
Present promise of pure delight
Immortal life sprung from my soul.

Part of my rib clothed in flesh
Spurting fountain of blood
Semblance of that in me still fresh
Confluenced in ever blissful flood

Providence to you I bow
In joy-to thank for treasure won
That bound my love and holy vow
In you we may be one. 


Let me go"
Why am I in this
organized asylum
called the citadel
of learning?

Let me go
to escape the intrigue
the subterfuge the scourge
of man inhumanity
to man,
Let me go.

Let me go
away from the perfumed
rottenness that has
become our tertiary institutions
Let me go.

Let me go
away from the
chicanery, the academic
fraud the perfidious
recycling of ignorance
Let me go.

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